Open World Summer School

The Open World Summer School is a unique opportunity for students who are planning to venture into business through the use of mobile technologies and services. The summer school will provide an inspiration and opportunity for students who want to learn about the development of mobile tools and services combined with the challenges of entrepreneurship and developing your own business.

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MSocSc in Organisational Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The OIE programme is a new master’s degree developed as a cross-disciplinary response to the challenges of the post-industrial society. The programme puts focus on how to create, manage and lead processes of innovation and entrepreneurship within the context of formal organisation.

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MSocSc in Management of Creative Business Processes

There are great opportunities for working with creative business processes, both in Denmark and globally, as creative activities are experiencing rapid growth and a steadily increasing part of the creative activities take place in global networks.

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Managing Product and Service Development (Q2) NOT ESTABLISHED

The purpose is threefold. Firstly, to prepare students for participation in product development processes, and acquire qualifications and comprehensive insight into solving issues of making new product development manageable, e.g. how to organize and manage product development processes. Secondly, to enable students to critically reflect and analyze different management tools in innovation of product and services. Thirdly, to give the students knowledge about the relationship between performance measurement of innovation and the management of innovation, so they can choose among different performance measurements and understand the implications of these choices.

Managing Innovation in Organizations

Introduction to a strategic and historical view on innovations, the strategic role of operations and innovation and continuous improvement. Types of innovations. The management challenge – how to make management happen? The challenges with innovation in operations and examples of management technologies such as Lean management, TQM and Kaizen.

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