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He delights.

It is the fear of winning. Whoever peaked feels in danger because there is not far from the capital to the Tarpeian Rock. Girard also speaks of “barrier-style”: it’s the one we want, we want to imitate, but unfortunately that seems insurmountable.

For example, the disciple admires his master, he is actually a model. But it blocks the horizon because there is a barrier apparently too difficult to overcome. The relationship he has with him is ambivalent. It’s a love-hate relationship.

It is everywhere, in the family, occupation, recreation … Well, all this seems indisputable. But how that concerns us there then that’s what happens at the primary school that interests us?

We can already welcome the immense step that Freinet Pedagogy conducted in the field of psychological serenity students by removing notes and rankings. But then how to motivate students without emulation? – Patience, we have it. Continue reading He delights.