Who is a social entrepreneur?

This winter Oresund Entrepreneurship Academy ran the competition ”Who is a social Entrepreneur” in which students had to identify a social entrepreneur amongst more alternatives. The prize is a delivery of vegetables from Mossagarden. The competition is now closed and the winners were announced at an event about social entrepreneurship.

Do you know the recipe for succes?


Whether you want to be an entrepreneur or intrapreneur you need energy to follow your ideas through. Combine the right six ingredients for each of the recipes for a succesful entrepreneur and intrapreneur.

Write your business idea on a napkin

Students can win a week’s stay at Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks by writing their business idea on a napkin – in “hard copy” or electronically. This competition is launched once a year.

Oresund Entrepreneurship Academy Seeks

Six students went through a make believe recruiting process, complete with application form and job interview and two were selected to spend a week at Universidad de Deusto, San Sebastian, Spain.

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