Develop is a student organization working within the field of business and development. 


Drivhuset is for you as student. We, ourselves have been students and have created our own businesses and we understand the situation the student is in. We want to facilitate your drive for getting through with your idea, or help you getting the good idea that could be the turning point for you.  


Katalyst is a growthbased organisation for innovation and entrepreneurship. We work with global communication and experience economy.


Katapult is a growthbased organisation linked to students at NAT,LIFE, SUND and FARMA. We offer a broad variety of activities and courses, and acts as a creative setting where businessideas springs and personal networks and entrepreneuriel skills develops.

Stardust CBS

Stardust-CBS is a studentdriven network made for inspiration and growth for the entrepreneurial culture among students at Copenhagen Business School.

Stardust DTU

Stardust-DTU is a non-profit local network made for students with interest in creativity and innovation and entrepreneurship.

Start Danmark

START Danmark is a national studentorganisation who works on connecting the different entrepreneurial investments and offers Denmark have, and make them visible for the countrys’ entrepreneurialstudents.

Venture Cup

Venture Cup is a business plan competition for students and researchers at Danish universities with a total of DKK 650.000 in cash prizes. 

Venture Lab

VentureLab is Lunds University’s innitiative to stimulate entrepreneurship and to support the students and recent graduated that wants to start their own business.

Vaeksthus +

Vaeksthus + is an initiative made by the Technical University of Denmark to promote entrepreneurship among students, scientists and lecturer.

Vaeksthus Hovedstadsregionen

At Vaeksthus Hovedstadsregionen we give entrepreneurs and growthcompanies individuel counselling about businessdevelopment and growth.

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