Michael Lackey's African American Atheists and Political Liberation: A Study PDF

By Michael Lackey

This examine of atheist African American writers poses a major problem to those that see atheism in despairing and nihilistic phrases. Lackey argues that whereas such a lot white atheists mourn the lack of religion, many black atheists--believing the “God-concept” spawns racism and oppression--consider the dying of God a reason for private and political hope. 

Focusing on a little-discussed element of African American literature, this full-length research of African American atheists’ therapy of God fills an immense hole in reviews that continually forget about their contributions. analyzing how a trust in God and His “chosen humans” necessitates a politics of superiority and inferiority, Lackey implicitly considers the measure to which non secular religion is liable for justifying oppression, even acts of actual and mental violence.
In their secular imaginative and prescient of social and political justice, black atheists argue that in simple terms while the tradition adopts and internalizes a very atheist politics--one according to pluralism, tolerance, and freedom--will radical democracy be accomplished. Of fundamental curiosity to students of African American stories, this quantity will also entice non secular students, philosophers, anthropologists, freethinkers, and spiritual and secular humanists.

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Since the culturally marginalized feel that they lack the requisite epistemological capacity to know God and his Laws (they are mysterious and inscrutable), in other words, since the dispossessed accept, at the level of the subconscious, the view of authentic knowledge which they cannot access, they do not make an effort to construct God or knowledge, and as a consequence, they are vulnerable to being constructed as inferiors. Let me articulate the consequences of the recursive loop within a political context.

At this point, I want to use the frontispiece of Charles Carroll’s book Negro a Beast, a popular theological work published in 1900 that embodies the pervasive theology in America, to shed more light on the way this theological model functions at the level of the subconscious. ” But this line of kinship does not extend to all beings. To give his reader a visual representation of the nature of kinship with the Divine, Carroll opens the book with an illustration of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

To give his reader a visual representation of the nature of kinship with the Divine, Carroll opens the book with an illustration of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Strategically placed at the center are the figures of Adam and Eve, whose whiteness extends into the Heaven as a symbol unifying the world’s original parents with the Creator. Or, read from the other direction, the Creator, shrouded in heavenly whiteness, beams down His Divine essence to the original pair, thus uniting Himself in a bond of kinship with His creation.

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