Asia—The Winning of Independence by Robin Jeffrey PDF

By Robin Jeffrey

Advent / Robin Jeffrey --
The Philippines / Alfred W. McCoy --
India / Robin Jeffrey --
Indonesia / Anthony Reid --
Vietnam / David Marr --
Malaya / Lee Kam Hing --
end / D.A. Low.

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H. Pardo de Tavera and others. The Republic's chances for an orderly administration were shortlived, however. US Army troops began pushing north from Manila through Philippine lines in February 1899 and by November occupied the settled areas of the central Luxon plain, forcing Aguinaldo to retreat into northern Luzon and abandon regular military operations for guerrilla warfare. In a bold coup, a US Army colone11eading a party of Filipino mercenaries captured Aguinaldo in March 1901, and little more than a year later President Theodore Roosevelt issued a formal declaration terminating hostilities.

21). Eight years later, on the morning of 14 October 1943, another crowd gathered at the same spot before the Legislative Building in Manila to witness a third flag-raising ritual. Instead of American senators, the reviewing stand was filled with Japanese Army officers who had ruled the islands since their invasion in 1942. To the cheers of half-a-million Filipino spectators, the Japanese Army commander announced the termination of the military administration. A Filipino Catholic bishop gave the invocation: 'Bless this land 0 Lord ...

LO The first phase of accelerated economic growth began in the 1780s with a series of projects launched by the innovative reformer, Governor Jose Basco y Vargas. Seeking to substitute agricultural profits for declining galleon revenues, the Spanish administration promoted a variety of local economic venturesY The Philippines: Independence Without Decolonisation 31 Most importantly, the latter decades of the eighteenth century saw the emergence of the Chinese mestizos, descendants of unions between Chinese men and Filipina women, as the dominant group in provincial and regional trade.

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