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Fuels, Fuel Burning Equipment, and Combustion available draft: the draft that may be utilized to cause the flow of air for combustion or the flow of products of combustion. air: the mixture of oxygen, nitrogen, and other gases that, with varying amounts of water vapor, forms the atmosphere of the earth. axial fan: consists of a propeller or disk type of wheel within a cylinder that discharges the air parallel to the axis of the wheel. air atomizing oil burner: a burner for firing oil in which the oil is atomized by compressed air that is forced into and through one or more streams of oil, breaking the oil into a fine spray.

Tube: a hollow cylinder for conveying fluids. spun ends: the ends of hollow members closed by rolling while heated. tube cleaner: a device for cleaning tubes by brushing, hammering, or by rotating cutters. stay: a tensile stress member to hold material or other members rigidly in position. tube door: a door in a boiler or furnace wall through which tubes may be removed or new tubes passed. staybolt: a bolt threaded through or welded at each end, into two spaced sheets of a firebox or box header to support flat surfaces against internal pressure.

Drum head: a plate closing the end of a boiler drum or shell. core: a rod or closed tube inserted in a tube to reduce the flow area. dry pipe: a perforated or slotted pipe or box inside the drum and connected to the steam outlet. cross box: a boxlike structure attached to the longitudinal drum of a sectional header boiler for the connection of circulating tubes. dry return: a return pipe in a steam heating system that carries condensate and air and is above the water level of the boiler. 3 --``,``,`,````,`````` 2013 SECTION VI feed trough: a trough or pan from which feed water overflows in the drum.

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