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B. , 1969, B25, 1320. 1. Lardicci and R. MenicagIi, J. Org. , 1972,37,1060. See p. A41. 8 Cyclic compounds and aromatic compounds related to 2-phenylbutyric acid 7 yH 2Cl I I I CH2 COPh 2. (S)-(+) l-chloro-2- dlmethylcyclohexonol OAc(+) 3 . (S)olkyl (2-phenylbutyl) sulphides. R = Me (-) phenylbutone . cj NMe .. L. Ph ASIH) .... :;.... )_ - - -. : . [2] H2 9 '--:-" 4. (R)-(-)I-benzoyl-2- HO~y2~CH3 dlmelhylomlno-2- - ' 1'- Ph R= EI, pri(+~). CD; [6] phenylbutone C(2)f[4] ," ,":'" I Ph-y-H Ph I. (R)-(-) 3, 3- ~Me2 Me2 I Hs C2 - ?

Weinges and B. Stemmle, Chern. , 1973,106,2291. A. S. C. Prakasa Rao, V. K. Bhalla, U. R. Nayak and S. Dev, Tetrahedron, 1973,29,1127. H . Ledon, G. Linstrumelle and S. Julia, Tetrahedron Letters, 1973 , 25 . See p. A55. S. Terashima, K. K. Lee and S. Yamada, Chern. Pharm. Bull. (Japan) , 1969,17,2533. J. Porath, Arkiv. Kemi. 1950,1,525. H. Ramuz, Helv. Chirn. Acta, 1975,58,2050. 38 15. (SH ) 2-omono-2methylpentanolc, hexanOIc, heplonolc oClds (n '2 ,3,4) Hydrochlorides (+) Class 48 Miscellaneous quaternary compounds I H3C-¢-COOH I C( I) [9J y I H3C - -COPh I I Ph C(2) [9J I H3C - ?

Kitamoto, K. Kiroi, S. Terashima and S. Yamada, Chem. Pharm. Bull. (Japan), 1974,22,459. K. Hirai and S. Yamada, Chem. Pharm. Bull (Japan), 1973,21,47. K. Hirai, K. Achiwa and S. Yamada, Chem. Pharm. Bull. (Japan), 1972,20,246. 34 Class 3a (i) Adamantanes (ii) norbornanes ))0 ")0 o I. (15,35,55,75)-(+)-2- 2. 1] nonane-2,6-dione )odamantan- C(2) [3] I 3 o [9J 7 1 o 1 5. (15,35,55,75)-( 3 0 ~j)oOH [/J 5 1 0 7 6. 13 \ i i i i \ I 9. ··· 13. 1] heptan- 2-0( (noJlglku alcohol) <~ CH 3 1 12. (15,I'5,2'R,4R)-( ) spiro (cyclobulon-2-one)- 1,7'(2'-exomelhylnorbornone) CD, [II J - - ~" [HJ C( I) ORO [2J [4J [2J 0 14.

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