Donald Lemke's Batman - The Mad Hatter PDF

By Donald Lemke

Billionaire BRUCE WAYNE and his teenage sidekick, TIM DRAKE, have tickets to a brand new Alice in Wonderland motion picture. regrettably, JERVIS TETCH, often referred to as the MAD HATTER, has infiltrated the theater and put in his micro-circuitry into the three-D glasses. while the motion picture starts off, dozens of GOTHAM adolescents are brainwashed! That evening, TIM and the opposite kids wakeful, rush to the MAD HATTER'S lair, and obtain directions to rob the city's jewellery shops. They obey the calls for, yet quickly run into BATMAN! The darkish KNIGHT needs to keep on with the teenagers, cease the MAD HATTER, and retailer the BOY ask yourself from Wonderland.

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