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Cristian Darie is a software program engineer with adventure in a variety of smooth applied sciences. he's the writer of various books, together with his well known ASP.NET C# e-commerce educational, his Ajax and Hypertext Preprocessor instructional, and his search engine optimisation instructional for Hypertext Preprocessor builders. Cristian studied allotted program architectures for his Ph.D, and is becoming concerned with a variety of advertisement and learn tasks. while no longer making plans to shop for Google, he enjoys his little bit of social existence. a good way to say "Hi," you could achieve Cristian via his own site,

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You can use them in Web Forms or in Web User Controls. 0 of the framework), including simple controls such as Label, TextBox, or Button, and more complex controls, such as validation controls, data controls, the famous GridView control (which is meant to replace the old DataGrid), and so on. Web Server Controls are powerful, but they are more complicated to code because all their functionality must be implemented manually. Among other features, you can programmatically declare and access their properties, make these properties accessible through the Visual Web Developer designer, and add the controls to the toolbox, just as in Windows Forms applications or old VB6 programs.

This indicates that the control is marked to be executed at server-side (on the server). All server-side controls (including Labels, TextBoxes, and so on) on the page will be marked with the same green symbol. If you look at the HTML code of the ContentPlaceHolder, you’ll see the runat="server" clause: CHAPTER 2 ■ LAYING OUT THE FOUNDATIONS Figure 2-12. Your New Master Page in Design View Master Pages are not meant to be accessed directly by clients, but to be implemented in Web Forms.

Exercise: Creating the Header Web User Control Follow these steps to create the Web User Control and add it to the Master Page: 1. com, unzip it somewhere on your disk, and copy the ImageFolders\Images folder to your project’s directory (which will be \Inetpub\wwwroot\BalloonShop\ if you used the default options when creating the project). png, which is the logo of your web site. Now, if you save, close, and reload your solution, the Images folder will show up in Solution Explorer. 2. Make sure that the project isn’t currently running (if it is, the editing capabilities are limited), and that the Solution Explorer window is visible (if it isn’t, choose View ➤ Solution Explorer or use the default Ctrl+Alt+L shortcut).

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