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By David Weller, Alexandre Santos Lobao, Ellen Hatton, Apress

This long-awaited identify offers a transparent creation to video game programming for you, C# programmers! Microsoft insiders have written an easy-to-read advisor, so that you can commence programming video games fast. This booklet even contains an creation to controlled DirectX nine, and different complicated .NET positive factors, like animation and sounds.

Code examples are literally whole video games, and comprise .Nettrix, .Netterpillars, River Pla.NET, Magic KindergarteN, D-iNfEcT, Nettrix II (for the Pocket PC), and a model of the vintage video game, Spacewars.

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FromHdc method creates a Graphics object that allows the program to draw over a specific device context, given its handle. You can acquire the device handle from another Graphics object, using the GetHdc method, as shown in the next code snippet: public void FromHdc(PaintEventArgs e) { II Get handle to device context. GetHdc(); II Create new graphics object using handle to device context. FromHdc(hdc)j newGraphics. Red), 10, 20, 13, 7)j II Release handle to device context. Nettrix: GDI+ and Collision Detection Creating Gradients In the previous section, you saw some code samples used to create solid red rectangles via a SolidBrush object.

You then calculate the zone of each object (multiply the current position of the object by the number of zones on each axis and divide by the width or height of the screen), and set the bit corresponding to the result at the x-axis variable and at the y-axis variable, accordingly. You have to set a second bit if the sum of the position and the size of the object (width for x axis, height for y axis) lies in another zone. 16 Horizontal Zones 16 Vertical Zones Figure 1-17. Dividing a screen into 64 zones 19 Chapter 1 If when checking the variables you see that the bit in both variables is already set, then there's an object in your zone, so you check all the objects to find out which one it is.

This means that the blocks will always move a square down, left, or right, so you don't have to worry about the square's alignment. There's one more detail to include in this procedures: the test for collision detection. The block can't move down, left, or right if there are any squares (or screen limits) in the way. Since the block itself can't know if other blocks are in the way, it must ask the GameField class if it can move this way. This is already considered in the game project: The IsEmpty method of the GameField class will check if a specified square in the game field is empty.

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