Download e-book for iPad: Blood Ravens: The Dawn of War Omnibus (Warhammer 40,000 by Cassern S. Goto

By Cassern S. Goto

Omnibus variation of the 3 sunrise of warfare novels, which tie in to the best-selling THQ desktop online game.

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His face was contorted with pain and his skin was blistered, as though burnt on the inside. Protruding from his chest was the handle of his own combat knife, and the earth around the rock was sodden with blood, as though he had been slowly drained of his life. 'He was still alive when we found him, captain. But his mind had gone. His soul had already left this realm, and he was rambling like a conduit to hell itself,' said Corallis numbly. Scratched into Mikaelus's armour was a crude mark. It looked like it had been carved with the tip of a dagger, or gnawed with a claw.

Dat's da truth. But dat don't mean you'ze can orda da orks around,' said Orkamungus, eying Bale warily whilst talking to Sindri. 'My apologies. We've delivered the last of the weaponry,' continued Sindri, indicating the pile of crates on the edge of the treeline. A group of orks were already prising open the containers and prodding about at the devices inside. ' As he spoke, one of the orks yelped in pain as a plume of flame jetted out of one of the weapons it was holding, bathing his own head in fire.

They were alert and focussed, just like their delusional brothers in the Adeptus Astartes, but they were also liberated from the pathetic constraints of the Imperial creed. The orks may have been their allies, but they knew better than to underestimate the greenskins' hatred towards humans. All humans. The legionaries scanned the forest for signs of an ambush. 'The thought of kowtowing to these filthy creatures disgusts me,' said Bale, his voice rich with anger. 'I hope you know what you're doing, sorcerer.

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