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By Mawer J.

Enterprise video games is a photocopiable source e-book for lecturers of commercial English. Organised in 3 sections, difficulties, matters, and ethics, enterprise video games is designed to advertise energetic category dialogue in over 70 dialogue parts.

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Positive leaders are unusual in that they choose to emphasize the uplifting and flourishing side of organizational life, even in the face of difficulty. It is not that they ignore the negative or adopt a Pollyannaish perspective, but they counter the tendency toward negativity with an abundance of positivity. In the absence of such an emphasis, negative inclinations overwhelm the positive and a negative climate is the default option (Cameron, 2008). This implies that intentional strategies are needed if leaders are to enable a positive climate in their organizations.

What has actually been found, however, is that it is what people give to a relationship rather than what they receive from the relationship that accounts for the positive effects (Brown & Brown, 2006; Brown, Nesse, Vinokur, & Smith, 2003; Grant, Dutton, & Russo, in press). Although it is clear that positive relationships are advantageous to psychological, emotional, and physical health, research has found that it is the contributions made to others that account for the advantages. The demonstration of altruism, compassion, forgiveness, and kindness all were found to be necessary for positive relationships to have their maximum positive impact on well-being and performance.

Abundant evidence indicates that most organizations deteriorate after downsizing, but of the few that flourish, institutionalized forgiveness is a key enabler (Bright, Cameron, & Caza 2006). 30 Positive Leadership Gratitude Observing acts of compassion and forgiveness—not to mention being the recipient of them—creates a sense of gratitude in people. Gratitude has been found to have dramatic effects on individual and group performance. For example, Emmons (2003) induced feelings of gratitude in students by assigning them to keep journals as part of a semester-long assignment.

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