Joseph Albahari's C# 3.0 in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference PDF

By Joseph Albahari

It is a concise but thorough connection with C# 3.0 programming as applied in Microsoft's visible Studio 2008. C# 3.0 in a Nutshell will get correct to the purpose, protecting the necessities of language syntax and utilization in addition to the elements of the .NET base classification libraries you want to construct operating functions. yet not like prior variants, this booklet is now prepared completely round techniques and use instances, delivering better intensity and readability.
C# 3.0 introduces the main major improvements but to the programming language, and C# 3.0 in a Nutshell delves deep into the topic whereas assuming minimum past wisdom of C#-making it available to someone with a cheap heritage in programming. as well as the language, the e-book covers the .NET CLR and the middle Framework assemblies, in addition to the unified querying syntax known as Language built-in question (LINQ), which bridges the normal divide among courses and their facts sources.
Free of muddle and lengthy introductions, this booklet offers a map of C# 3.0 wisdom in a succinct and unified style:
- establishing chapters focus basically on C#, beginning with the fundamentals of syntax, forms and variables, and completing with complicated subject matters corresponding to damaging code and preprocessor directives
- Later chapters conceal the middle .NET 3.5 Framework, together with such themes as LINQ, XML, collections, I/O and networking, reminiscence administration, mirrored image, attributes, safeguard, threading, program domain names and local interoperability
Designed as a instruction manual for day-by-day use, C# 3.0 in a Nutshell is a perfect significant other to any of the great array of books that concentrate on an utilized know-how akin to WPF, ASP.NET, or WCF. The components of the language and .NET Framework that such books forget, this one covers intimately.

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In the following example, the expression assigns 2 to x and 10 to y: y = 5 * (x = 2) This style of expression can be used to initialize multiple values: a = b = c = d = 0 The compound assignment operators are syntactic shortcuts that combine assignment with another operator. 4. Operator Precedence and Associativity When an expression contains multiple operators, precedence and associativity determine the order of evaluation. Operators with higher precedence execute before operators of lower precedence.

Rectangular arrays Rectangular arrays are declared using commas to separate each dimension. Here is an example of declaring a rectangular two-dimensional array, where the dimensions are 3 x 3: int [,] matrix = new int [3, 3]; The GetLength method of an array returns the length for a given dimension (starting at 0). 2. Jagged arrays Jagged arrays are declared using successive square braces to represent each dimension. Here is an example of declaring a jagged two-dimensional array, where the outermost dimension is 3: int [][] matrix = new int [3][]; The inner dimensions aren't specified in the declaration.

7" section in Chapter 4. 4. Storage overhead Value type instances occupy precisely the sum of the memory occupied by their fields. In this example, Point takes 8 bytes of memory: struct Point 32 33 { int x; int y; // 4 bytes // 4 bytes } Reference types require separate allocations of memory for the reference and object. The object consumes as many bytes as its fields, plus additional administrative overhead. NET runtime, but at minimum the overhead is 12 bytes, used to store a key to the object's type, as well as temporary information such as its lock state for multithreading and a flag to indicate whether it has been fixed from movement by the garbage collector.

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