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By Herbert Schildt

Like having a mind on your again pocket. presents transparent reasons of all C and C++ programming syntax, keyword phrases, instructions, services, and sophistication libraries. because no programmer can take note the ideal syntax of each C/C++ point, this quick-access consultant assists programmers in imposing effective ideas on call for.

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The :: Scope Resolution Operator The :: scope resolution operator specifies the scope to which a member belongs. It has this general form: name::member-name Here, name is the name of the class or namespace that contains the member specified by member-name. Put differently, name specifies the scope within which can be found the identifier specified by member-name. To reference the global scope, you do not specify a scope name. For example, to refer to a global variable called count that is being hidden by a local variable called count, you can use this statement: ::count The scope resolution operator is not supported by C.

Since p contains the address of x, the value 100 is actually stored in x. In words, p is said to “point to” x. The * operator can also be used on the right-hand side of an assignment. For example, p = &x; *p = 100; z = *p / 10; places the value of 10 into z. Assignment Operators In C/C++, the assignment operator is the single equal sign. When assigning a common value to several values, you can “string together” several assignments. For example, a = b = c = 10; Chapter 3: Operators 33 34 Chapter 3: Operators assigns a, b, and c the value 10.

The preprocessor directives are listed here: "td" width="25%" align="left"> #else #elif #error #if #include #line Each is discussed briefly in this section. #endif #ifdef #pragma #ifndef #undef "first-para">#define is used to perform macro substitutions of one piece of text for another. The general form of the directive is #define macro-name character-sequence Here, each time macro-name is encountered, the specified character-sequence is substituted. Notice that there is no semicolon in this statement.

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