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The 1st ebook for C# programmers on easy methods to use layout styles. Explains how one can write C# courses utilizing probably the most universal layout styles. Softcover. CD-ROM incorporated.

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Buttons are also frequently shown with images on them. You can set the button image in the designer or at runtime. The images can be in bmp, gif, jpeg, or icon files. Radio Buttons Radio buttons or option buttons are round buttons that can be selected by clicking on them. Only one of a group of radio buttons can be selected at a time. If there is more than one group of radio buttons on a window form, you should put each set of buttons inside a Group box as we did in the program in Figure 3-4. As with checkboxes and buttons, you can attach events to clicking on these buttons by double-clicking on them in the designer.

The goal of the Tokenizer class will be to pass in a string and obtain the successive string tokens back one at a time. For example, if we had the simple string Now is the time our tokenizer should return the following four tokens. Now Part I: Object-Oriented Programming in C# 53 54 Part I: Object-Oriented Programming in C# is the time The critical part of this class is that it holds the initial string and remembers which token is to be returned next. We use the Split function, which approximates the Tokenizer but returns an array of substrings instead of having an object interface.

FixText); } Note that the syntax for creating a delegate from a class instance and from a static method varies slightly. fixText); //static Then when we click on the Process button, we simply execute that method using the ftx delegate. Add ( s ); } The ftx method then resolves to call one fixText method or the other. While the delegate approach can give you added flexibility in programming, it is really not an entirely new approach, since you could accomplish the same thing using interfaces and calling the fixText methods directly.

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