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By Peter Drayton

The C# Language Pocket Reference bargains the ease of a brief reference in a structure that might truly slot in your pocket. The ebook features a advisor to C# language components, a quick assessment of the Framework category library, a cross-reference for namespaces and assemblies, an inventory of compiler syntax and switches, a typical expressions reference consultant, and extra.

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Length; fixed (int* b = bitmap) { int* p = b; for(int i = 0; i < length; i++) 59 60 *p++ &= 0xFF; } } Unsafe code typically runs faster than a corresponding safe implementation, which in this case requires a nested loop with array indexing and bounds checking. An unsafe C# method may also be faster than calling an external C function, since there is no overhead associated with leaving the managed execution environment. You must compile unsafe code with the /unsafe compiler switch. 3 The fixed Statement The fixed statement is required to pin a managed object, such as the bitmap in the previous example.

WriteLine("Test2 Initialized"); } } ... 9 Destructors and Finalizers Destructors are class-only methods that are used to clean up nonmemory resources just before the garbage collector reclaims the memory for an object: class Test { ~Test( ) { // destructor code here } } Just as a constructor is called when an object is created, a destructor is called when an object is destroyed. C# destructors are very different from C++ destructors, primarily because of the presence of the garbage collector. First, memory is automatically reclaimed with a garbage collector, so a destructor in C# is used solely for nonmemory resources.

In every language, you specify information associated with the types, methods, parameters, and other elements of your program. For example, a type can specify a list of interfaces from which it derives, or a parameter can specify modifiers, such as the ref modifier in C#. The limitation of this approach is that you can associate information with code elements using only the predefined constructs that the language provides. Attributes allow programmers to extend the types of information associated with these code elements.

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