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Details of identifiers and keywords are described in a couple more sections. ” to be written to the console screen. The statement System. ”) writes text to the console screen. 1 shows the output. 1 Output from the HowdyPartner program. Comments There are three types of commenting syntax in C#—multi-line, single-line, and XML. Multi-Line Comments Multi-line comments have one or more lines of narrative within a set of comment delimiters. These comment delimiters are the begin comment /*and end comment */ markers.

String Type The string type is a C# primary type. Its value is represented by a string of Unicode characters. There are two types of string literals. The first type may be any valid set of characters between two double quotes, including character escape sequences. \a”; // Grazie! ”; // Sa-waht deekrahp! ”; // Das ist // zehr // gut! For C++ Programmers A C++ string was originally the same as a normal C string, a pointer to a nullterminated array of characters. With the introduction of Standard C++, a C++ string now refers to the Standard Template Library (STL) string type.

Every element is of the same type. This is how such an array should be declared: Type[] Array-Identifier [initializer] ; The array identifier is any valid identifier. It should be meaningful for the purpose of the array. The optional initializer allocates memory for the array. Getting Started with C# CHAPTER 2 41 Tip Once a C# array has been initialized, it can’t change its size. If dynamic resizing of an array is needed, use one of the collection classes. Here are some examples of single-dimensional array declarations: // uninitialized declaration MyClass[] myArray; byte[] inputBuffer = new byte[2048]; Arrays may be declared with no initialization.

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