New PDF release: California Science: Student Edition: Grade 4

By Dr. Jay K. Hackett

Lifestyles technological know-how; dwelling issues want power, dwelling issues and their Environment.EARTH technology; Rocks adn Minerals, gradual alterations on the earth, speedy alterations on Earth.PHYSICAL technological know-how; electrical energy, Magnetism.

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Quick Check Sequence What is the first step of a food chain? Critical Thinking How are a producer and a consumer different? Reading Diagrams How does energy move through this food chain? Clue: Arrows help show a sequence. A mountain lion eats the weasel. C A A gopher eats the mustard plant. A weasel eats the gopher. C When the mountain lion dies, its body is broken down by decomposers. C 39 EXPLAIN What are herbivores? The gopher in the mountain food chain is an example of a herbivore (HUR•buh•vawr).

15 Designing an Experiment Then design your experiment to test your hypothesis. Here is one student’s design. Procedure 1. Find a spot such as under a tree, where there will likely be ants. 2. Place one unpeeled banana and a peeled banana on the ground one meter apart from each other. 3. Predict which piece of fruit ants will be more attracted to. 4. Leave both bananas on the ground. Check to see if there are any ants on them. Check back after one hour; after two hours; after three hours. 5. Make a data table like the one below.

Classify Which organisms are producers? Why? Classify Which organisms are consumers? Why? Communicate Circle organisms that might belong to the same food chain and link them together. What organisms are in your food chain? D A hornet is an omnivore. It eats both plants and animals. A bear is an omnivore. C Quick Check Sequence What eats a primary consumer in a food chain? Critical Thinking Can an omnivore and carnivore be in the same food chain? Explain. 43 EXPLAIN What are decomposers? Each fall and winter, thousands of leaves fall to the forest floor.

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