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C’est une jeune fille en fleur,” he said now, clairvoyantly divining Djuna’s fear of never escaping from the echoes and descendants of Michael. Lawrence shrugged his shoulders. Then he looked at her with his red-gold eyes, under his red-gold hair.

She remembered her feet on the bare floor of their first apartment. She remembered her feet on the linoleum of the orphan asylum. She remembered her feet going up and down the stairs of the home where she had been “adopted” and had suffered her jealousy of the affection bestowed on the legitimate children. She remembered her feet running away from that house. She remembered her square-toed lusterless shoes, her mended stockings, and her hunger for new and shining shoes in shop windows. She remembered the calluses on her feet from house work, from posing for painters, from working as a manneuin, from cold, from clumsy mendings and from ill-fitting shoes.

There was a boy of her age who passed under her window and who had the power to move her. He had a lean, eager face, eyes which seemed liquid with tenderness, and his gestures were full of gentleness. His passage had the power to make her happy or unhappy, warm or cold, rich or poor. Whether he walked abstractedly on the other side of the street or on her side, whether he looked up at her window or forgot to look up, determined the mood of her day. Because of his manner, she felt she trusted him entirely, that if he should come to the door and ask her to follow him she would do so without hesitation.

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