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Berlin/New York: Mouton de Gruyter. Macaulay, Thomas Babington. 1965[1835]. Minute on Indian education. In Selections from educational records, part I: (1781)–(1839), ed. Henry Sharp, 107–117. Delhi: National Archives of India. Masica, Colin P. 1972. The sound system of Indian English. Hyderabad: Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages. Masica, Colin P. 1976. Defining a linguistic area. : University of Chicago Press. Maxwell, Olga. 2010. Marking of focus in Indian English of L1 Bengali speakers.

Kachru, Braj B. 1983. The Indianization of English. The English language in India. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Kachru, Braj B. 1985. Standards, codification and sociolinguistic realism: The English language in the outer circle. In English in the world: Teaching and learning the language and literatures, ed. Randolph Quirk and Henry Widdowson, 11–30. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Kachru, Braj B. 1990[1986](a). A nativized variety: The South Asian case. In The alchemy of English. The spread, functions, and models of non-native Englishes, ed.

Or any other [standard from outside of India], although it did share certain characteristics with one or another of them. This generalized Indian English [. . ] appears to be the de facto norm to which the majority of the [. . ] speakers of English in India aspire. Ought it not to be [. . ] the de jure norm also, for mass-teaching purposes? (emphasis in the original) Masica’s work is significant not only because he documented this emerging generalised/educated/standard IndE accent. It is also important for its intention to codify a standard IndE phonology and pronunciation, with the explicit aim of gaining official ‘de jure’ recognition.

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