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By Jonathan Green

A rescue challenge turns into a conflict for survival! The Black Templars area Marines head to the battle-ravaged planet of Armageddon, decided to discover one in all their scuffling with businesses that has long past lacking there. Unbeknownst to Marshall Brant and his Black Templars, a squad of ork hunters is additionally at huge within the ork-infested jungles, looking for a high-ranking Imperial officer, misplaced while his airplane crashed. What those would-be rescuers have no idea is that there are different issues stirring within the jungles. The savage orks of the Blood Scar tribe hunt them during the dense undergrowth, while whatever darkish, historic and bad prepares to stretch its murderous hand forth as soon as more...Featuring extra motion with the Black Templars, it is a blistering sequel to "Crusade for Armageddon"!

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Ryza-pattern Leman Russ battle tanks hammered forwards, obscured by a perpetual spray of slime and foul water. Earthshaker artillery guns coughed their devastating munitions in arcing parabolas towards the feral ork army from the open decks of Basilisk flatbeds. A monstrous Demolisher rumbled forwards at the head of the armoured line, its dozer shovel-blade pushing liquid slurry, and any of the enemy foolish enough to get too close, ahead of it. Oily black exhaust fumes spluttered from the speeding tanks, adding their thick smoky residue to the general miasma shrouding the marshlands.

Vine's tirade of vitriol gave way to a wheezing, coughing fit. Borysko stiffened. ' Vine resumed, his coughing paroxysms subsiding. Borysko took a deep breath before answering. ' 'Ah, right then. It's a straightforward rescue mission,' the marshal explained. 11 hours, an ACG Valkyrie went down in the jungle south-west of here. On board was some big shot lieutenant of the ACG. ' Borysko said. ' 'It's probably too late already. ' 'Ah, I know that and you know that, but top brass are adamant. They want their man back or confirmation of his death.

The vanguard of the feral force was made up of several mobs of fur-clad orks carrying solid shot firearms and heavy-headed cleaver weapons. There were other units advancing behind them that were even armed with crude rocket launchers. The presence of such armaments among the tribes was a sign of just how much junk Ghazghkull Thraka's Waaagh! had brought to the planet. It was evidence that the orks and their blasphemous invasion were everywhere, even within the untamed regions of the planet. As well as the animal hides they wore, the orks had augmented their grotesque appearance with skulls – both human and ork – and other looted trophies.

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