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By Lucien Soulban

Whilst an Imperial listening station gets an enigmatic demand aid from a farflung planet, a regiment of Tallarn barren region Raiders is distributed to enquire. lovely quickly, the Imperial protect locate themselves locked in a determined working conflict with wave upon wave of tyranids. Is there any means they could ever triumph opposed to such numberless alien hordes?

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Report,' Odassa said, his voice hushed over the vox. ' 'I don't know,' the voice rang back, 'a good number. ' Odassa waited another gruelling half-hour before deciding that the swarms were far enough away. The blue sun had dipped down to the horizon, but the air would not be cool for some time. The glass fields were still hot, despite the jets of gas belched out by the ship. On Odessa's order, Cartouk and Iban Dubar followed the Dust Marauders around the dune and out into the open. The ship loomed into view, suddenly larger and more sinister against the setting sun.

Yes, sir,' Turk said, snapping to a salute before leaving. 2 THE TYRANID HORDE milling about at the edges of the snail ship seemed to grow larger by the moment. The more Major Hussari watched them through his pair of magnoculars, the more certain he was of his impending death. The tyranids seemed diverse and uniform at the same time. He could identify various species, but the strata seemed many, far too many for his eyes to identify. They moved in and around one another, like currents in the ocean, never colliding or trampling one another underfoot; a great choreography of organisms with one shared thought.

A silence pressed her against the wall and did obscene things to her. She fought it, her fists connecting with nothing, her body wet with blood. For a moment, she forgot about her powers, her ability to defend herself. The shadows whispered at her and encouraged her to fight back. 'Here,' they said in disjointed chorus, 'take more power. ' Kamala fought the siren allure of their voices. She struggled against their promises, and recited a Canticle of Purity. The silence was trying to worm its way into her brain through her ears and eyes, nose and mouth.

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