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By D. Kayes

Leaders extol the worth of pursuing difficult ambitions, yet proof means that this ends up in catastrophe as usually as luck. Drawing upon attractive real-life tales, together with the Mount Everest mountaineering catastrophe, the writer exhibits how harmful objective pursuit may end up in the breakdown of studying in groups. He questions assumptions approximately conventional management and demands rethinking the position of the chief. this gives an unprecedented research of management and functional concepts for overcoming harmful pursuit of objectives.

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Norgay, Tenzing Member of first successful Everest summit along with Hillary. Hoey, Marty First American female to attempt Everest, suffered fatal fall. Mallory, George Early Everest pioneer, debate still continues if he and climbing partner Irvine actually reached summit in 1921. Climbing partner of George Mallory. Irvine, Andrew Messner, Reinhold First individual to summit Everest without supplemental bottled oxygen. Simonson, Eric Led one of the most visible and successful early commercial expeditions to Everest.

By now, most of the people close to you support your goal to achieve the summit or at least know better than to question your goal in front of you. They support you through their silence. Some may plead for you to abandon your dream, but you know that is just not possible. You’ve already committed to successfully achieving the goal. You won’t be turning back now, even though you haven’t even left for the trip. Even though achieving the goal is far off, and many contingencies can sidetrack your success, you imagine what it must be like to summit Everest.

The golfers especially see you as crazy. But this only reinforces your goal, since not everyone else is doing it. This is the context in which you begin to see your distant goal, summiting Everest, transformed into experience. You take notice of the ads in adventure magazines looking for climbers to join the next Everest expedition. What began as a dream, manifesting itself in a casual jib at the water cooler, is now a goal within your reach. 1 The events surrounding the 1996 Mt Everest climbing season remain alive in books, Internet chat rooms, popular media, and, most importantly, the lore of mountain climbers.

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