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Bus A common wire or parallel group of wires connecting multiple circuits. IN OUT OE a. Noninverting IN OUT OE b. 34 Electrical Equivalent of Tristate Operation In the previous section, logic gates were used to enable or inhibit signals in digital circuits. In the AND, NAND, NOR, and OR gates, however, the inhibit state was always logic HIGH or LOW. In some cases, it is desirable to have an output state that is neither HIGH nor LOW, but acts to electrically disconnect the gate output from the circuit.

What logic level must the float switch produce to make the light flash when the tank is approaching empty? Why? 31 for the case where the AND gate is replaced by a NOR gate. 46 work properly if theAND gate is replaced by an Exclusive OR gate? Why or why not? a. 33. 43. State which two gates of the three shown are DeMorgan equivalents of each other. Explain your choice. X Y X Y X Y a. b. c. 25: Logic Gates b. 35 Name two logic families used to implement digital logic functions. How do they differ?

C. 25: Logic Gates b. 35 Name two logic families used to implement digital logic functions. How do they differ? 36 List the industry-standard numbers for a quadruple 2-input NAND gate in low power Schottky TTL, CMOS, and high-speed CMOS technologies. 36 for a quadruple 2-input NOR gate. How does each numbering system differentiate between the NAND and NOR functions? 38 List six types of packaging that a logic gate could come in. “Hi-Z” How do the enable properties of these gates differ from gates such as AND and NAND?

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