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Z If you weren’t shy at all, what would you gain? ) z What do people look like when they are being shy? ) z How can you overcome shyness? (Aim for confident body language – it will help you feel more confident. ) Application 47 Making a telephone call Using the telephone is an important social skill, especially now that so many children have their own mobile phones, so it is important that they develop an acceptable telephone manner. For example, a girl wants to ring a friend to ask her to come out with her for the day.

Could B improve his/her body language to give a clearer message? The scenario can be repeated using all the suggestions the class has made. Have new volunteers for each script. ’ You feel delighted. ’ B: ‘Oh no. ’ You feel disappointed. ’ B: ‘Oh. ’ You feel ashamed. ’ You feel extremely angry. ’ You feel very concerned. ’ B: ‘Oh, poor caretaker. ’ You feel very sad. ’ You feel very pleased. ’ B: ‘Would I? ’ You feel very excited. ’ You feel scared. z A: ‘I don’t want to be friends with you any more.

If the caller names a member of the child’s household to whom he wishes to speak, the child should say, ‘I’ll just get her. ’ If that person is unavailable (for example, on the loo), she could say, ‘Can I get her to call you back in ten minutes? ’ However, if it’s a close friend or relative who’s calling, she could admit to the family member being on the loo without risk of embarrassment. If the person the caller wants to speak to is out, the child should say, ‘I’m sorry, she’s out. Would you like to leave a message?

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