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By Sarah Larter (Senior Editor)

A e-book and an internet site in a single! From the tiniest shrew to the largest whale, discover the animal nation with this progressive encyclopedia. search for the fundamentals within the e-book after which log on to find extra, a wealth of data and key evidence with feedback for additional interpreting. the entire weblinks were specifically chosen to provide you the entire newest and most sensible details. ideal for tasks or simply for enjoyable!

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If it cannot find a vacant burrow it digs its own, using its bill and long legs. Unlike most owls, it is active by day. Habitats < BUILT FOR SPEED Many grazers are big, long-legged animals, able to roam widely to find fresh grass. Some make regular seasonal migrations between good grazing areas. Since there is nowhere to hide on the open grasslands, animals like this plains zebra are built for speed and endurance so that they can escape their enemies. But grassland hunters like the lion are also adapted to run fast and often win the chase.

Snakes in more seasonal climates often spend part of the year hibernating, hidden away from the cold. < FLOATING FEAST Even fish benefit from the fruit crop of tropical rainforests. In South America, the pacu, or silver dollarfish, often eats the fruit that falls from trees overhanging the river bank. When rainforest rivers like the Amazon flood during rainy seasons, fish are able to swim among the trees and gather food from their submerged foliage. FIND OUT MORE > Beetles 106–107 • Butterflies 110–111 • Hoofed Mammals 289 • Parrots 216–217 • Primates 256 CLOUDED LEOPARD The clouded leopard is an agile climber.

FIND OUT MORE > Big Cats 268 • Carnivorous Mammals 264 • Mongooses 271 • Omnivores 40 • Scavengers 41 HERBIVORES Animals that eat plants are called herbivores. Plant food is sometimes low in nutrients. Seeds can be packed with energy-rich food, but other parts of plants, such as stems and leaves, contain fewer nutrients that animals can use. To survive, some animals eat almost continuously. Most herbivores have bacteria in their guts that helps to break down the plants’ tough cell walls. < ELEPHANT TEETH The skull of the African savanna elephant reveals the grinding molars that this herbivore uses to crush plant food.

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