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By Bill Wagner

I'd certainly suggest this e-book for .NET or C# programmers. latest C# programmers can easly see and comprehend the worth of .NET 4.0 and extra particularly the C# 4.0 language good points and instantly make the most of the techniques to construct extra effective designs and implementations.The chapters on parallel framework, dynamic programming and question expressions are of significant significance and outcome for turning into awesome programmer in C# 4.0.

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That’s far less efficient than any implementation that you would write, so write your own. Follow the recommendations in Item 46 to avoid boxing when you compare value types. Notice that I didn’t say that you should write operator==() whenever you override instance Equals(). I said to write operator==() when you create value types. You should rarely override operator==() when you create reference types. NET Framework classes expect operator==() to follow reference semantics for all reference types.

O is not MyType // work with T, it's a MyType. } catch (InvalidCastException) { // report the conversion failure. } } Remember that user-defined conversion operators operate only on the compile-time type of an object, not on the runtime type. It does not matter that a conversion between the runtime type of o and MyType exists. The compiler just doesn’t know or care. This statement has different behavior, depending on the declared type of st: t = (MyType)st; This next statement returns the same result, no matter what the declared type of st is.

When you create reference types that are meant to be hash keys, you should override GetHashCode() to get a better distribution of the hash values across all integers for your specific type. GetHashCode() with respect to those same three rules. ValueType overrides GetHashCode(), providing the default behavior for all value types. Its version returns the hash code from the first field defined in the type. Consider this example: public struct MyStruct { private string msg; private int id; private DateTime epoch; } The hash code returned from a MyStruct object is the hash code generated by the msg field.

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