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A suite (with short introductory comments) of writings by way of pessimists and pessimist sympathizers... Pratt, Bataille, Zapfe, Noys, Cioran, Leopardi, Popa, and Flueres discover the ramifications of, if no longer believing that issues gets worse, then not less than by no means believing that issues gets better.
"Healthy pondering avoids morbidity and attempts to be confident yet this does not subject an excessive amount of, the morbidity is on the planet itself-we could abandon morbidity yet morbidity isn't forsaking us."
"The strength of laughter is bad and lousy: a person who has the braveness to snort is grasp over others, within the similar method as somebody who has the braveness to die."

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History resolves nothing, because there is nothing to resolve. It is always by failure that we study the future. Too bad we cannot breathe as if events, in their totality. were suspended! Each time they evidence themselves a little too much, we suffer a fit of de­ terminism, of fatalistic rage. By free will we explain only the surface of history. the appearances it assumes, its external vicissitudes, but not its depths, its real course, which pre­ serves, in spite of everything, a baffling, even a mysterious character.

ICELAN DER-You must know that from my earliest youth, experience convinced me of the vanity of life, and the folly of men. I saw these latter ceaselessly struggling for pleasures that please not, and possessions that do not satisfy. I saw them inflict on themselves, and voluntarily suffer, infinite pains, which, unlike the pleasures, were only too genuine. I n short, the more ardently they sought happiness, the fur­ ther they seemed removed from it. These things made me determine to abandon every design, to live a life of peace arid obscurity, harming no one, striving in nought to b etter my condition, and contesting nothing with anyone.

Then I determined to try other climates and countries, to see if anywhere I could live in peace, harming no one, and exist without suffering, if also without pleasure. I was urged to this by the thought that perhaps you had destined for the human race a certain part of the earth (as you have for many animals and plants), where alone they could live in comfort. I n which case it was our own fault if we suffered inconve­ nience from having exceeded our natural boundaries. I have therefore b een over the whole earth, testing every country, and always fulfilling my intention of troubling others in the least possible degree, and seeking nothing for myself but a life o f tranquillity.

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