Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ - download pdf or read online

By Daniel Goleman

Does IQ outline our future? Daniel Goleman argues that our view of human intelligence is way too slim, and that our feelings play significant function in suggestion, determination making and person good fortune. Self-awareness, impulse keep an eye on, endurance, motivation, empathy and social deftness are all characteristics that mark those who excel: whose relationships flourish, who're stars within the place of work. With new insights into the mind structure underlying emotion and rationality, Goleman exhibits accurately how emotional intelligence may be nurtured and bolstered in we all

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Psychologists have shown that people construct detailed deterministic models for random events—such as coin tosses—and persist in constructing new models as their predictions are disconfirmed by the data (Gilovich 1993). They also have shown that people’s beliefs are chosen to maximize their subjective experience of control and predictability over a sequence of events (Langer 1975). These studies suggest that concepts that enhance the illusion of predictability and control will win out in the history of ideas over concepts that do not enhance it or rather that undermine its hold on people’s minds.

We cannot—for that reason—explain how passions ensnare us, as we currently have no language by which to describe something that the intellect has had so little time to witness. We can, however, show it—by the use of thought experiments and the elucidation of mechanisms by which ways of being (including ways of knowing and ways of seeing) are created from certain powerful emotions. Passions as Escapes from Consciousness A final thought experiment: Remember your own last look at a mirror— what you looked at, what you saw, what you told yourself when you saw what you saw.

We infer predictive power from explanatory power and close our eyes to the difference. When we cannot predict, we retrodict and then persuade ourselves that we could have predicted if some (usually trivial) events had gone in a different direction. Social and cognitive psychologists have minutely reconstructed the mechanisms by which modern minds persuade themselves of the orderli- An Orwellian Abduction 21 ness and tameness of the world. They showed that people are by and large eager to convince themselves that they can predict and control their world.

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