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By Rockford Lhotka

Rockford Lhotka is a truly influential speaker and writer during this area

Lhotka’s past versions have demonstrated his personal industry position

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The Five Logical Layers and the Roles They Provide Layer Roles Presentation Renders display and collects user input. UI Acts as an intermediary between the user and the business logic, taking user input and providing it to the business logic, then returning results to the user. Business logic Provides all business rules, validation, manipulation, processing, and security for the application. Data access Acts as an intermediary between the business logic and data management. NET), databases, and data structures.

You can reduce this load by shifting some of the work to another server. An application server, possibly running Enterprise Services or IIS, can provide database connection pooling to minimize the number of database connections that are opened and closed. It can also perform some data processing, filtering, and even caching to offload some work from the database server. These additional steps provide a dramatic boost to scalability, but again at the cost of performance. The user’s request now has two network hops, potentially resulting in double the network latency and contention.

Logically defining data access as a separate layer enforces a separation between the business logic and any interaction with a database (or any other data source). This separation provides the flexibility to choose later whether to run the data access code on the same machine as the business logic, or on a separate machine. It also makes it much easier to change data sources without affecting the application. This is important because it enables switching from one database vendor to another at some point.

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