Ian Hernon's Fortress Britain: All the Invasions and Incursions since PDF

By Ian Hernon

The British haven't been backward in coming ahead by way of competitive visits overseas. however it hasn't all been a technique. In 1193 for instance, the Danes teamed up with the main chronic offenders, the French, for a full-scale invasion. The French Prince Louis the Lion got here as regards to luck precisely one hundred fifty years after the conflict of Hastings. The a hundred Years battle observed a number of raids on British cities and ports by way of the Spanish and French. Following the Armada, there has been the cold invasion of 1688, Bonnie Prince Charlie's march south, the awesome American John Paul Jones' assault on Whitehaven through the American warfare of Independence, the German career of the Channel Islands and—the nice what if of British, possibly international history—the risk of Operation Sealion. Ian Hernon brings his journalistic aptitude to endure during this dramatic narrative of the survival of an island race over 900 years—sometimes, strangely, opposed to the percentages. when this sort of heritage (one leaving out the uninteresting bits) is sure to entertain, it additionally can't fail to notify: the place have been photographs final exchanged with an enemy at the mainland? At Graveney Marsh in Kent.

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