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By M. Tlostanova

Tlostanova examines significant Asia and the Caucasus to track the family tree of feminism in these areas following the dissolution of the USSR. The kinds it takes face up to interpretation in the course of the lenses of Western feminist thought and girl of colour feminism, accordingly Eurasian borderland feminism needs to chart a 3rd path.

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These internal impulses and key factors of the Eurocentric system of knowledge production, based on the colonial and imperial epistemic differences, have been expressed in all modern disciplines grounded in the study of the other as a deviation from the same, on taking it to the common denominator of sameness, or on radicalizing its difference. On the basis of this dominant system of knowledge there stands the hubris of the zero point, in terms of Santiago Castro-Gómez: “The coexistence of diverse ways of producing and transmitting knowledge is eliminated because now all forms of human knowledge are ordered Decolonial Feminism and the Decolonial Turn 23 on an epistemological scale from the traditional to the modern, from barbarism to civilization, from the community to the individual, from the orient to the occident” (Castro-Gómez 2007, 433).

For her it is primarily an apparatus of “love, understood as a technology for social transformations” and as a form of hermeneutics (Sandoval 2000, 2). The gist of oppositional consciousness and methodology of the oppressed lies in the sphere of differential. This hermeneutics of love overcomes the disciplinary decadence (Gordon 2006) or, in Sandoval’s own words, the academic apartheid. It also easily defeats the usual order of perception as it expresses the “prophetic vision” (Barthes 1977), simultaneously stressing the vanished grammatical middle voice theorized by Derrida who stated that the Western philosophy has “commenced by distributing the activity of the middle voice of the verb .

Are associated with traditionalist society which is presented by default as always and everywhere patriarchal. 7 Building of feminist genealogies is often marked by the same enchantment with modernity. For example, a generally accepted division of feminism into three waves was naturalized in the minds of many Western scholars of gender, even if in reality it was a contextual product of Western-centric and evolutionary ideology of modernity, and one more particularity claiming a universal status.

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