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For our purposes, we will concentrate on the vasogenic and cytotoxic types. In vasogenic edema, the edematous tissue swells due to breakdown of the blood brain barrier. An interesting feature of vasogenic edema is that it can spread to regions that are some distance from the site of the brain abnormality. For example, an abnormal, disrupted blood brain barrier at point A can lead to vasogenic edema in the brain, which can spread to point B, even though point B is several centimeters away, and was otherwise normal brain.

The largest portion is the head of the caudate, located anteriorly and nestled in the postero-lateral aspect of the anterior end of the lateral ventricle. The body of the caudate tapers considerably as it extends upwards and posteriorly over the body of the lateral ventricle, ending near the rear of the lateral ventricle. The lentiform nucleus consists of a lateral putamen and medial globus pallidus, which, together, are in the shape of a very fat, broad-based lens. The apex of the lens, which points medially, is the globus pallidus, 24 1 The Structure of the Normal Brain and Its Imaging Appearance Fig.

Greenfield describes cytotoxic edema as “cellular swelling associated with a reduced extracellular space, but with an intact blood brain barrier (at least to macromolecules in the initial stages)” [4]. In cytotoxic edema, tissue swelling occurs because the tissue is severely injured, dying or dead. Such an injury could occur, for example, if an arterial occlusion ceases all blood flow to a demarcated region of brain. Within that region, all the brain would be equally affected, whether it were gray or white matter.

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