Daniele Joly's Haven or Hell?: Asylum Policies and Refugees in Europe PDF

By Daniele Joly

This ebook brings jointly in a scientific demeanour 3 discrete parts of curiosity concerning refugees. Asylum is explored via experiences at the evolution of criminal tools in Europe, the harmonisation strategy of eu regulations, and the wider spectrum of things underpinning judgements on asylum. Reception and payment of refugees are analysed via a comparative research of nationwide programmes in France and Britain and also a survey of neighborhood authority regulations. A typology for refugees is built and demonstrated through a comparability among Chilean and Vietnamese institutions in France and Britain.

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The OPEC countries successfully organized for better control of and higher returns for their oil reserves using a strategy which threatened industrialized countries supplies (Gittings, 1984). In the meantime Europe had created the EEC, which was to become an economic rival to the USA. The detente of the seventies ushered in a lull in the Cold War which came back with renewed strength in the eighties. 83). The French situation is somewhat different in that respect. It had neither the historical nor the cultural and ideological links which Britain had nurtured with the USA.

With the Soviet Union and its bloc. Second, there is the set of relations that are being established with the so-called allies, the First World of the industrialist capitalist countries. Third there are the relations with the usual victims - the Third World countries. And fourth, there is another class of victims - the domestic population of the USA. 24) The Political Construction of Asylum 27 If one is dealing with other Western industrial powers one needs to add the relationship to the USA, as their specific and regional interests are to be carried out within a global framework managed by the United States.

The desire to flatter or conform to this accepted moral norm accounts for Ronald Reagan's speech when he accepted his nomination as president: Can we doubt that only a Divine Providence placed this land, this island of freedom here as a refuge for all those people who yearn to breathe free? Jews and Christians enduring persecution behind the Iron Curtain; the Boat people of Southeast Asia, Cuba, and of Haiti; the victims of drought and famine in Africa; the freedom fighters in Afghanistan. 81) Such declaration does not commit Reagan to implement what he claims but is designed to please his audience; he tells them what they want to hear and what they like to believe is right.

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