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By Jacobus

Tailored from a unique factor of "Literature Interpretation Theory", this e-book explores the most major voices in modern literature, coming near near Cixous from the views of feminist thought, materialist feedback, biographical feedback and reader-response methodologies.

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Timespace undermines the outdated certainties of time and area by way of arguing that those dimensions don't exist singly, yet in basic terms as a hybrid procedure time period. the difficulty of house has probably been over-emphasised and it truly is crucial that techniques of daily life, akin to globalisation and environmental concerns and likewise notions akin to gender, race and ethnicity, are checked out with a balanced time-space research.

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Michel Onfray, coerente con sé stesso, prende di mira in questo libro una religione che, ancor più dei monoteismi del suo Trattato di ateologia, sembra dover ancora avere vita lunga e felice. Questa religione è l. a. psicoanalisi, e più in particolare il freudismo. L’idea di Onfray è semplice e radicale: Freud ha tentato di costruire una scienza e non vi è riuscito; ha voluto provare che l’inconscio ha le sue leggi, l. a. sua logica intrinseca, può essere studiato mediante protocolli che riteneva scientifici, e tuttavia ha mentito, in line with potersi fregiare degli emblemi della scientificità.

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And when I write for theater, I defend the same values. WRITING WITHIN THE SECRET FATHER 25 Precarity and prayers both depend on the will of an other: transforming the precarious into the precatory turns the arbitrary and the uncertain fate into an appeal which is an attempt at entering a relation with that fate, by first of all embodying it as an omnipotent Other who can hear. It seems, then, that Hélène is toiling on a rapprochement, a reduction of the distance between that super-natural force, which she does name God, and humans.

A star shone between his breasts. ” The fragile Self who cannot answer the officer remembers a time and place where she has felt One, identical to herself. ”[M]oi? non pas moi, mais qui sait, une trace”: the subject is a trace and it is erasable. ” It is the very recognition of “all the signs” which had made her believe in “me,” in a stable image of herself. The father is here not an image but the vehicle of a “passmark” (not yet a pass-word) traced on his body: a star shining between his breasts, a smile, a look adressed to her, a pleasure of which she is the source, which makes her feel more than a mere trace.

L’empreinte du corps de mon père dans mon âme7 Hier le temps, le monde, l’Histoire, la vie, toutes les sciences étaient dans la tête de mon père, et j’étais dans ses mains, et je n’avais besoin de rien. Je n’avais rien a faire que grandir. Je ne possédais rien que mon enfance. (Dedans 27) Yesterday time, world, History, life, all forms of knowledge were in my father’s head, and I was in his hands, and there was nothing I needed. The only thing 30 ANNE-MARIE PICARD I had to do was grow up. The only thing I owned was my childhood.

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