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Then to God they are called and all return. So let us each revere that God, the forbearing One, the One who is just. Muslim communities, like all other religious groups, face the challenge of confronting diversity. Like other groups, Muslims hesitate and stumble – sometimes inflicting violence along the way – before dealing justly with people in their diverse ranks who are different in appearance, language, ethnicity, creed, or bodily ability. Among the diverse ranks of people are some who are different in gender identity or sexual orientation.

This study addresses directly the question of whether God intends some men and women to be of homosexual disposition, and if so what the consequence of that insight would be for homosexual Muslims and their co-religionists. It also addresses the related but distinct question of whether God creates some people in the “wrong body” such that their gender identity does not match their ascribed gender, a condition that drives them to transgender behavior to change their ascribed gender to harmonize with their internal identity.

His father tracked him down and intercepted him in an airport in Europe. The father could not convince him to return to Morocco, so they agreed that they would travel together to New York and complete his trip as planned, then return together to Morocco later. “I was terrified because I could tell that he was angry and intended to punish me, but I did not know what to do. ” But on the second night in New York, he decided to flee a second time. He removed his papers and money from his father’s wallet and hid out in a mosque in Queens.

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