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This project works the same way, with or without the return statement. To try this out, comment out the line by placing two forward slashes just to the left of the return statement (while the project is loaded into the IDE). This tells the compiler that this is a comment line, not an executable statement. Forms; TH014: public Form1() TH015: {InitializeComponent();} //-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------// TH016: private void textBox1_TextChanged(object sender, EventArgs e) TH017: { // Check that each character entered is a digit between 0 and 9.

The architects of Microsoft Visual Studio C# would not allow this method to be used to pass information between Form2 and Form1. Instead, they configured the Visual Studio C# compiler such that the programmer must plan ahead and pass a handle to an adjacent form at the time that adjacent form is created a handle identifying the form that would receive data later. This passing a handle between forms meets all the requirements imposed on structured programming, object-oriented design, and so forth.

3. If the project fails to compile, then the errors discovered by the compiler will be listed at the bottom of the IDE screen. When all errors have been corrected (when the build is successful), the successful build will be announced at the lower-left corner of the IDE screen. Then it is time to run the project. To run it, you open the Debug main menu item and then click Start. Note that the shortcut for Start is F5. When the project compiles and runs, the main window should look like Figure 3-10.

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