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By Ian Livingstone

Banished from the area of Titan, Zagor the sorcerer is slowly regaining his power. inside fort Argent, within the nation of Amarillia, Zagor has been reworked right into a demon. Such is his energy, he has to be destroyed. There are numerous adventurers keen to volunteer, yet just one should be selected. Are you that hero?

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Will it be: 4+44 The black and gold door? The other door to the north? The doors to the eastwing? The doors to lhe west wing? If you roll r-g, tum boj88; if you roll 4-6, tum to 2o3. 43 You aresLanding in the middleofan east-weslpassage way, and the sLinkof Orcsis very strongherelTo the east, you can see two doort one [o your left and another one, further along, to your right. The lefthand door is, unmistakably,the -mkance to an Orc barracks,here the smellis sLrongest. To the west the passagewayswings round lo the north.

Eitherof the left-handdoors? Turn to 158 Tum to 184 Tum to 281 Tum to 118 oPen: The door bothe west? The left-handdoor in the north wall? The right-handdoor in the north wall? The door with the waming sign? The other southem door? The door to the east? 52 Tum to 545 Tum to 22a 'ffin to a57 Tum to 156 You must eat a meal during your lengthy search, openingthe doorsto a waren o( individualdormitory You don't fhd anything roomsind livine chambers. y-ou must Tesf your Skill- Il you are of value, but successiil,fum to aJ2.

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