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By Jeffner Allen

The lesbians who've contributed to this e-book are theorists and activists who write as individuals of numerous lesbian cultures. every one lesbian has her methods of realizing, her voices, techniques, methodologies, languages. every one lesbian displays, without delay and in some way, her family members to her personal and to different ethnicities, races, social sessions, actual talents, a while, and nationalities. every one lesbian has specified views on lesbian lifestyles, friendships and sexualities, separatism and coalition construction, theories of information and ethics, language and writing. Lesbian Philosophies and Cultures is a hybrid web site for dialogue of, paintings on, and enjoyment during this occasionally uneasy, occasionally painful, occasionally incredible and lovely, lesbian pluralism.

For this assortment, the various members have selected to jot down in essay variety, and a few have selected to jot down in fiction, autobiography, poetic prose and experimental kinds. The individuals, all of whom stay at present within the u.s.a. or quebec, are: Joyce Trebilcot, Vivienne Louise, Kitty Tsui, Ann Ferguson, Julia Penelope, Marthe Rosenfeld, Claudia Card, Anna Lee, Maria Lugones, Edwina Franchild, Caryatis Cardea, Baba Copper, Bette S. Tallen, Michele Causse, Sarah Lucia Hoagland, Nett Hart, Marilyn Frye, Kim corridor, Jacquelyn N. Zita, Monique Wittig, Nicole Brossard, Gloria E. Anzaldua, Jeffner Allen.

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In 1960, use of the birth control pill was approved for adult women in the United States under the supervision of a doctor. Throughout the 1960s and well into the 1970s, controversies about access to birth control remained focused on adult women. Although opponents believed allowing unwed women access to birth control meant condoning immoral sex without consequences, supporters (represented in particular by Planned Parenthood) hoped access to birth control would limit the negative social consequences of out-of-wedlock births and reduce welfare dependency by poor adult women.

Data from the New York study suggest that having a child as an adolescent is more than an individual choice—embedded as it is in this complex and changing social context. Chapter 2 ends with a detailed description of the participants in the New York study—a 6-year study of inner-city, poor, minority group adolescent mothers and their children. They were aged 14 to 18 when their children were born and were recruited from a community-based health center where they brought their children for well baby care at least once in the first month of the children’ life.

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