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Do you think the poor birds, whose nests and young ones that wicked boy, Dick Wilson, ran away with yesterday, do not feel as much pain as your father and mother would feel, was any one to pull down their house and run away with you ? To be sure they do. One day, as she was going through the next village, she met with some wicked boys who had got a young raven, which they were going to throw at. She wanted to get the poor creature out of their cruel hands, and therefore gave them a penny for him, and brought him home.

At eleven of the clock I awoke, which I believe was in some measure occasioned by the clock's striking, for I heard it. I started up, and could not at first tell where I was; but after some time I recollected the funeral, and soon found that I was shut in the church. It was dismal dark, and I could see nothing ; but, while I was standing in the pew, something jumped upon me behind, and laid, as I thought, its hands over my shoulders. I own I was a little afraid at first j however I considered that 1 had always been con- and that I had done nobody any harm, but had endeavoured to stant at prayers and at church, The History of 32 do what good I could ; and then, thought I, what have I to fear/ Yet I kneeled down to say my As soon as I was on my knees, someprayers.

The whole History of the Consider ing- Cap, large for the benefit of all whom it may concern. set forth fit JL HE great reputation Mrs. Margery acquired by composing differences in families, and especially between man and wife, induced her to cultivate that part of her system of morality and economy, in order to render it more extensively useful. " The other parts on the outside, were filled with odd characters, as unintelligible as the writings of the old Egyptians; but within-side there was a direction for its use, of the utmost consequence ; for it strictly enjoined the possessor to put on the cap, whenever he found his passions begin to grow turbulent, and not to deliver a word, while it was on, but with great coolness and moderation.

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