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Even if you're a beginner or an skilled programmer its sincerely comprehensible, effortless readable book.Enough examples, first-class resource for first time event with C#.I may grade it by means of 5++. thank you John Sharp. first-class paintings.

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This file includes a region labelled Windows Form Designer generated code. Expanding this region by clicking the + sign reveals the code created and maintained by Visual Studio 2005 when you edit a form using the Design View window. cs. The statements inside this method set the properties of the controls you added to the form in the Design View. ) Some of the statements in this method that correspond to the actions you performed using the Properties window are shown below: o o ... Button(); ...

As always, the statement must be terminated with a semi-colon. int age; The variable type int is the name of one of the primitive C# types—integer which is a whole number. ) After you've declared your variable, you can assign it a value. The following statement assigns age the value 42. Again, you'll see that the semicolon is required. age = 42; The equal sign (=) is the assignment operator, which assigns the value on its right to the variable on its left. After this assignment, the age variable can be used in your code to refer to the value it holds.

2. 2. 2. IMPORTANT 2. Be careful not to accidentally delete or change the names of any controls on the form while viewing them in the Document Outline window. The application will no longer work if you do. 3. 3. Click the the two TextBox controls that the user types numbers into on the form. In the Document Outline window, verify that they are named lhsOperand and rhsOperand. 3. 3. When the form runs, the Text property of each of these controls holds (as strings) the numeric values you enter. 3.

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