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Atmosphere the traditional for a top class C# reference, Microsoft visible C# 2005 Unleashed offers useful examples for almost each element of the C# programming language. The booklet is dependent for innovative studying, so it may be learn cover-to-cover or used as a entire reference consultant. you can be uncovered to every little thing from low-level details at the rubbish Collector to complex innovations, reminiscent of growing functions that use company companies, developing internet prone, or even complex home windows GUI. Chapters comprise: * Expressions and keep watch over buildings * UI Controls * Code entry safety * Remoting * Peer-to-Peer functions

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LINQ is the undertaking identify for a suite of extensions to the . internet Framework that offer a common method of querying info from varied information assets. LINQ will prime in visible Studio 2008, and may develop into the subsequent must–have ability for . web builders. for additional info approximately LINQ, you could try out the author’s portal at www.

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An object hierarchy like this could be used for various kinds of business problemsanything from selling cars to performing intense analysis of crash test results. 1. A work-in-progress class design. 0 Fundamentals 59 In the next section of this chapter, you will see how to take your class designs and turn them into code written in C#. Designing Interfaces The difference between an interface and a class is one that might not be immediately obvious if you're new to object-oriented programming. A class is an encapsulation of attributes and operations that may or may not inherit from another base class (the CLR does not support multiple inheritance).

1. 1. " You don't need to know every detail about how it works now because it will become clearer as you continue through the book. 0 is even easier than it was in the previous release. 0 Fundamentals 45 Using Multidimensional Arrays Multidimensional arrays are, as the name states, arrays with more than one dimension. This means that these arrays require multiple indices when accessing data contained within the array. Before taking a look at code that utilizes multidimensional arrays, you should be familiar with why you might want to use arrays with two, three, or even more dimensions.

0 Fundamentals Compares this string instance with another string instance. Contains Returns a Boolean indicating whether the current string instance contains the given substring. CopyTo Copies a substring from within the string instance to a specified location within an array of characters. EndsWith Returns a Boolean value indicating whether the string ends with a given substring. Equals Indicates whether the string is equal to another string. You can use the '==' operator as well. IndexOf Returns the index of a substring within the string instance.

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