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By Steven Holzner

This e-book promises C# from the fundamentals to the complicated; from delegates to assemblies; from indexers to encryption; from home windows and net functions to multithreading and regulate docking; from the fundamentals of ADO.NET to multitier disbursed info purposes; from home windows providers to internet prone. at the very least one instance illustrates each aspect.

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7 (Chapter 3 covers the difference between static and non-static class members in depth). FOR C++ PROGRAMMERS Methods in C# are like methods in C++, except that they can use ref and out keywords, can use attributes, and do not support default values. See the upcoming "For C++ Programmers" sidebars for more information. DisplayMessage(); 58 59 } } Now when you run ch02_07, you see that the method was indeed called, because you see the message: C:\>ch02_07 Hello from C#. Passing Data to Methods You can also pass data to methods.

Exception class. InvalidActiveXStateException Each of these classes in turn has many exception classes based on it; for example, the most common types of exceptions to use in your own programming are based on the SystemException class.

Here's how you create an enumeration, using the enum statement: [attributes] [modifiers] enum identifier [:base-type] {enumerator-list}; Here are the parts of this statement: 31 32 • attributes (optional) Holds optional declarative meta-information. • modifiers (optional) Optional modifiers that include the new modifier and one of the four access modifiers like public and private. • identifier The enumeration name. • base-type (Optional) The underlying type that specifies the storage allocated for each enumerator.

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