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By Eugene Agafonov

Over 70 recipes that will help you research asynchronous and parallel programming with C# 5.0 speedy and efficiently


  • Delve deep into the .NET threading infrastructure and use job Parallel Library for asynchronous programming
  • Scale out your server functions effectively
  • Master C# 5.0 asynchronous operations language support

In Detail

In an age while computing device processors are being constructed to include progressively more cores, multithreading is a key issue for developing scalable, potent, and responsive purposes. in case you fail to do it accurately, it may bring about confusing difficulties that take a tremendous period of time to unravel. for this reason, having a great figuring out of multithreading is a needs to for the fashionable program developer.

Multithreading in C# 5.0 Cookbook is an easy-to-understand consultant to the main complicated programming difficulties. This ebook will consultant you thru useful examples devoted to a number of features of multithreading in C# on home windows and may provide you with a superb foundation of functional wisdom that you can then use to application your individual scalable and trustworthy multithreaded purposes.

This e-book courses you thru asynchronous and parallel programming from uncomplicated examples to functional, real-world suggestions to advanced difficulties. you'll commence from the very starting, studying what a thread is, after which continue to profit new techniques in accordance with the knowledge you get from the former examples.

After describing the fundamentals of threading, it is possible for you to to know extra complicated techniques like activity Parallel Library and C# asynchronous capabilities. Then, we circulate in the direction of parallel programming, beginning with simple facts constructions and steadily progressing to the extra complicated styles. The publication concludes with a dialogue of the specifics of home windows eight software programming, supplying you with a whole realizing of ways home windows eight purposes are various and the way to application asynchronous functions for home windows 8.

What you'll study from this book

  • Work with uncooked threads, synchronize threads, and coordinate their work
  • Develop your individual asynchronous API with job Parallel Library
  • Use C# 5.0 asynchronous language features
  • Scale up your server software with I/O threads
  • Parallelize your LINQ queries with PLINQ
  • Use universal concurrent collections
  • Apply various parallel programming patterns
  • Work with home windows eight asynchronous APIs
  • Use Reactive Extensions to run asynchronous operations and deal with their options


This publication is an easy-to-follow advisor jam-packed with hands-on examples of real-world multithreading projects. every one subject is defined and put in context, and for the extra inquisitive readers, there also are extra in-depth information of the options used.

Who this publication is written for

If you're a developer or new to multithreaded programming and also you are trying to find a short and simple option to start, then this booklet is for you. it truly is assumed that you've a few adventure in C# and .NET already, and also you must also be conversant in computing device technology and easy algorithms and information structure.

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A process consists of one or more threads. This means that when we run a program, we always have one main thread that executes the program code. In step 4 we defined the method PrintNumbers, which will be used in both the main and newly created threads. Then in step 5, we created a thread that runs PrintNumbers. When we construct a thread, an instance of the ThreadStart or ParameterizedThreadStart delegate is passed to the constructor. The C# compiler is creating this object behind the scenes when we just type the name of the method we want to run in a different thread.

How it works... 4. Using Task Parallel Library Introduction Creating a task Getting ready How to do it... How it works... Performing basic operations with a task Getting ready How to do it... How it works... Combining tasks together Getting ready How to do it... How it works... Converting the APM pattern to tasks Getting ready How to do it... How it works... Converting the EAP pattern to tasks Getting ready How to do it... How it works... Implementing a cancellation option Getting ready How to do it...

This version is a pure, kernel-time construct. There is no sense in using it, except in one very important scenario; we can create a named semaphore like a named mutex and use it to synchronize threads in different programs. SemaphoreSlim does not use Windows kernel semaphores and does not support interprocess synchronization, so use Semaphore in this case. Using the AutoResetEvent construct In this recipe, there is an example of how to send notifications from one thread to another with the help of an AutoResetEvent construct.

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