Download e-book for iPad: Nephrology and Urology of Small Animals by Joe Bartges, David Polzin

By Joe Bartges, David Polzin

Nephrology and Urology of Small Animals offers veterinarians with the data had to successfully diagnose and deal with urologic ailments in canines, tom cat, and unique sufferers. Serving as an easy-to-use, accomplished scientific reference, the textual content takes an evidence-based method of distinct insurance of particular illnesses and issues, together with etiology and occurrence, scientific indicators, analysis, remedy, prevention, analysis, controversies, and references. assurance additionally contains sensible evaluate of anatomy and body structure of the urinary approach, basics of diagnostic trying out and healing innovations

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Striated urethralis muscle (external urethral sphincter) entirely replaces smooth muscle in the distal third of the urethra. Urethralis muscle is relatively longer and thicker in the bitch than in the queen. 4). By encircling both, the muscle effectively anchors the caudal end of the urethra to the more massive genital tract providing sphincter stability. Male feline pelvic urethra The urethra of the male cat runs through the pelvic canal (pelvic urethra) and continues into the penis (penile urethra).

Dramatic excess is filtered (3–4 mL/min/kg or approximately 5 L/kg per day). Reabsorption of 85% of filtered load is obligate, without regard to body need, occurring in the proximal tubule, loops of Henle, and early distal tubule. Reabsorption of remaining 15% is regulated by antidiuretic hormone (ADH), whose release is controlled primarily (90% of control) by extracellular fluid osmolarity and secondarily (10% of control) by blood volume. ADH causes insertion of aquaporin-2 water channels in the luminal membrane of epithelial cells in the late distal tubule and principal cells of the collecting ducts.

Blood pressure regulation Changes in blood pressure are opposed by altering NaCl excretion (pressure natriuresis) Renin–angiotensin–aldosterone, controlled by intrarenal mechanisms, contributes to blood pressure regulation through vasoconstriction and enhancement of sodium reabsorption in proximal (angiotensin II-mediated) and distal (aldosterone-mediated) sites. Red cell production Erythropoietin release regulated in response to changes in intrarenal oxygen tension. Acid–base balance Bicarbonate reabsorption (proximal tubule) and proton secretion (distal tubule) regulated in accordance with acid–base status of animal.

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