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By Florentin Smarandache

Expensive Mr. Smarandache,
you're a risky and contagious guy: my good fortune is that you simply propagate this new AIDS (or new reduction) purely in absence, which turns out very dependent. in addition to very right and smart. the anomaly being an competition to the typical creed, You push the paradoxism in the direction of the feel of readers knowledge,
only for you closing paradoxist.
accordingly, you must achieve us on the way to unfastened us; and after that?
[Alexandru Cioranescu]

NonNovel is certainly a unique of drawer, carried yr after yr within the bottomless sack of the exile. This fierce parabola approximately totalitarianism, approximately alienation, responsible obedience and lie, opportunism, cruelty, violence, monstrosity, written in a powerful tensioned and missing bashfulness sort, situates Florentin Smarandache nearer by way of Orwell, Konwicki, Koestler, Baconsky, and marks a brand new size of the Paradoxism.
[Constantin M. Popa]

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Predict the unpredictable. we are in the position to determine the indeterminable. to particularize the particularity. and to generalize the generality. we open everything that is open and close every closing because our stone-stillness stands stone-still. Hyn managed so far that he removed the removal too. he sacrificed the sacrificing. and divined the non-divinity (that is he was self-divined). explored the unexplorable. according to expectations we didn’t expect anything of him. he betrayed the betrayal.

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