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By E. H. Mikhail

Those books fix the real standpoint of Wilde's occupation, revive the conversationalist, and re-create him firstly as a genial wit and slapstick comedian. They comprise all comprehend interviews Wilde gave, in addition to the memories of these who knew him.

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Wilde: Never in my life. ' Did you ever have that feeling? Wilde: No; I should consider it an intense nuisance, an intense bore. ' Why should you grow afraid that the world should know of it? Wilde: Because there are people in the world who cannot understand the intense devotion, affection and admiration that an artist can feel for a wonderful and beautiful personality. These are the conditions under which we live. I regret them. Carson: These unfortunate people, that have not the high understanding that you have, might put it down to something wrong?

And as my life at that time flowed along rather smoothly, the account that I might give of it offered no interest. I would docilely repeat trivial facts, noting, as I spoke, that Wilde's brow would darken. ' 'Yes,' I would answer. ' 'But then why repeat it? You do see that it's not at all interesting. Understand that there are two worlds: the one that is without one's speaking about it; it's called the real world because there's no need to talk about it in order to see it. And the other is the world of art; that's the one which has to be talked about because it would not exist otherwise.

Do you know what makes them different? For, after all, the flower of the narcissus is as beautiful as a work of art- and what distinguishes them can not be beauty. - The work of art is always unique. Nature, which makes nothing durable, always repeats itself so that nothing which it makes may be lost. There are many narcissus flowers; that's why each one can live only a day. And each time that nature invents a new form, she at once repeats it. A sea-monster in a sea knows that in another sea is another sea-monster, his like.

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