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By F.A.C.N. H. Michael Zal D.O.

Philadelphia university of Osteopathic drugs, Pennsylvania. Holistic method of prognosis and therapy for psychiatrists and relatives physicians. DNLM: 1. anxiousness problems.

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Rickels and Schweizer define it as follows. "13 An abnormal or unhealthy degree of anxiety is reached when a person's ability to deal with the stress-producing situation is exceeded. In our introductory vignette, Mary Ann had reached this point. "If the level [of anxiety] is considerable, it interferes 36 CHAPTER 1 with the effective performance of many classes of behavior. The generalized rise in muscle tension impairs coordination of movement. Mental concentration, the ready flow of associations, and the registration of impressions may all be diminished.

I saw her for the first time four months after this recrudescence. As noted, she had been seen by her family physician, an ENT specialist, and a neurologist. My evaluation revealed that she had been having recurrent attacks of anxiety during which she trembled, felt dizzy and unsteady on her feet, and felt frustrated and scared. She was withdrawn, showing a decrease in her general activity and social interaction. This avoidance behavior, which verged on agoraphobia, was due entirely to her fear that she would have an attack of dizziness if she went out.

Here it may be expressed directly as a subjective emotion associated with a variety of physical symptoms, such as is seen in generalized anxiety disorder or panic disorder, or controlled unconsciously by the production of phobias, obsessive-compulsive, or dissociative symptoms. As an associated symptom, it is seen in psychotic disorders, eating disorders, and depressive disorders. Anxiety can also be caused by or associated with physical pathology. It is a component of many physical illnesses, but can also be confused with primary physical disease.

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