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The full Perl command reference-the ideal software for locating the syntax for the most typical and imprecise Perl commands.* instructions are taken care of by way of job, category packet, platform or compatibility all in alphabetical order* contains leap tables to steer readers to express pages within the reference* Designed in a bigger trim dimension than conventional quickly References and with a lay-flat binding

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Local These variables are always local and do not need to be made local explicitly. The other important special-variable category used in this chapter is File Handle Call. Special variables that implicitly refer to the current active file handle can be explicitly bound to any existing file handle. This facility must be activated by the following call: use FileHandle; This enables calls of the forms FILEHANDLE->method(EXPR) method FILEHANDLE EXPR The relevant method name usually is the full long name of the special variable.

Both the English long names and the use of file handles in references to formats are new features in Perl 5. If you are using Perl 4, you must use the short names and allow format operations to take place in relation to the current active file handle, which you can change by using the select() function. $> Compliance Syntax Short Name $1, $2, ... $ Scope local (read-only) Definition These variables are used to refer back to pattern matches. In any pattern to be matched, sets of parentheses are used to mark subpatterns.

The input-record separator is a newline character. This variable can be set to have no value (in which case entire input files are read in at the same time) or to have other values, as required. htm (14 of 27) [2/17/2007 1:12:32 PM] Special Variables Syntax Short Name $+ Scope local Definition This variable returns the value of the last pattern marked with parentheses. In most contexts, you could simply use $1, $2, and so on rather than $+. When the pattern has a series of sets of parentheses as alternatives to be matched, using $+ is useful.

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